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TCM cure of insomnia

Continued insomnia is prone to depression, heart palpitations, migraine and other symptoms, and it will increase the risk of stroke, heart disease, liver failure and other diseases! Chinese medicine divides insomnia into different types according to the cause.

Radical treatment of insomnia in TCM is based on the constitution and starts from balancing the yin and yang of the human body. It regulates the internal organs through oral administration of traditional Chinese medicine, and combines acupuncture and moxibustion to dredge the meridians, improve the circulation of qi and blood, and fight insomnia from the root cause!

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Hongji Medical currently has three Medical Centers located in Hang Lung Center in Causeway Bay, Oceanwide Building in Central and Weihua Commercial Center in Sheung Wan. Our medical center has experienced Western medicine general practitioners, traditional Chinese medicine practitioners and functional medicine specialists to provide you with the most suitable medical services.

Our services cover general, specialist, family doctor outpatient and Chinese medicine outpatient clinics. At Hongji Medical Group, we are committed to providing you with the highest quality care in a compassionate and friendly atmosphere, no matter why you are visiting, we will provide comprehensive and high-quality care. 

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