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Special Grade Gansu Wild Astragalus 100g


Scutellaria baicalensis is called the "King of Qi Replenishing" by Chinese medicine. It is one of the commonly used Chinese medicines in medicated diet. It can help prevent colds, regulate the perspiration system, even treat wounds that have not healed for a long time, and eliminate body swelling.

[Efficacy] Replenishing qi and strengthening the surface, anti-aging, diuresis and swelling, liver protection and diuresis, and enhancement of the body’s immune function
Astragalus contains saponins, sucrose, polysaccharides, various amino acids, folic acid, selenium, zinc, copper and other trace elements. It can be used to improve the ability of the spleen, replenish qi, and reduce metabolic power and other symptoms.


Net content: 100g

Special Grade Gansu Wild Astragalus 100g

HK$98.00 Regular Price
HK$48.00Sale Price
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