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Taiwan Han Cube - Four Gentlemen Soup 200g   Discount


Function: Reinforcing Qi, strengthening the spleen and reducing dampness.


Indications:Deficiency of spleen and stomach qi. Loss of appetite, thin body, yellow face, and weakness in limbs.  


Ingredients:  (Every12g Concentrated granules contain)  Ginseng 6g, Atractylodes 6g,Poria 6g, Zhigancao 3g, ginger,Jujube 2g.



How to take:Please follow the instructions of a registered Chinese medicine practitioner or refer to the instructions on the box.


Modern application reference: This recipe enhances digestion and absorption function and improves the body's immunity. It is used for chronic gastroenteritis, gastroptosis, gastroptosis, gastroduodenal ulcer, gastrointestinal dysfunction, hand and foot weakness, hemiplegia, diabetes, nocturia, enuresis, etc.

Taiwan Han Cube - Four Gentlemen Soup 200g

  •  200 grams

  •  Tai Wan

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