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 Taiwan Han Cube-Xiao Jianzhong Soup 200g


Function:  Warming and replenishing deficiency, relieving pain and relieving pain.


Indications:   Deficiency and coldness of the spleen and stomach, tenesmus and abdominal pain, etc., frequent pain in the abdomen, the pain will be relieved by applying warm pressure.Pale tongue with white coating, thin and slow pulse, palpitating and bothersome heart.


Ingredients: (Every9g Concentrated granules contain) Guizhi4g  , Zhigancao3g, white peony root9g,   Ginger4.5g, jujube 4.5g,   Caramel1g.


How to take it:Please refer to the instructions on the box.



Taiwan Han Fang - Xiao Jianzhong Soup 200g (Expiration date 2024/05/25)

HK$450.00 Regular Price
HK$95.00Sale Price
  •  200 grams

  •  Tai Wan

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