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Jumbo Extra Large Morels (20g)


Jumbo Extra Large Morels are produced in Sichuan and are cultivated without pollution. High-quality products with complete and clean appearance are strictly selected.
The grains are uniform in size and have a rich aroma. All mushrooms have been removed and are easy to handle. Morels are extremely rich in protein (more than 20%), polysaccharides, multiple vitamins and minerals, which can improve physical fitness, strengthen the immune system, and nourish the kidneys. It has functions such as benefiting the stomach and is a delicious and healthy food.

Processing method:
Wash first, then soak in water for 15-30 minutes, then drain the wild mushrooms and reserve the soaking water for later use.

Storage method: Please store in a cool and dry place at 20°C or below. If it is to be stored for more than 2 months, it must be placed in a refrigerator to prevent insects.

Origin: Yunnan, China
Net weight: 20 grams

Jumbo Extra Large Morels (20g)

HK$280.00 Regular Price
HK$89.00Sale Price
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