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Pali-Xin Quan Yi Tong (72 capsules)


Natural heart-nourishing formula, the choice for cardiovascular health

It is a natural heart-nourishing and health-care choice for people who eat a fatty diet, smoke and drink too much, live a stressful life and lack exercise, etc. to maintain good heart health.

This natural functional product is specially designed for people who pay attention to cholesterol and cardiovascular health. It contains hawthorn, salvia, notoginseng, eucommia, ginseng and corn silk. It is safe and reliable.


What causes cardiovascular problems?

 1. LDL cholesterol concentration is too high

 If the concentration of low-density cholesterol (LDL) (commonly known as bad cholesterol) in the blood is too high, it may cause excessive cholesterol to accumulate in the blood vessels, causing the blood vessel walls to become increasingly narrow, hindering blood flow, and increasing the risk of cardiovascular problems. .

 2. Blood pressure problem

 Abnormal blood pressure is one of the risk factors for cardiovascular problems. Fat accumulation on artery walls can lead to hardening of blood vessels and high blood pressure. Blood pressure problems can damage the lining of your arteries, increasing the chance of cardiovascular problems.

 3. Excessive obesity

 Excessive fat will accumulate in the walls of blood vessels, making them narrower and narrower, blocking blood flow and increasing the chance of cardiovascular problems. In addition, weight, blood pressure and cholesterol are closely related to heart health. Excessive obesity can cause blood pressure and cholesterol problems, thus greatly increasing the chance of cardiovascular problems.

 4. Age

As age increases and body tissues age, the originally resilient heart blood vessels gradually lose their original elasticity and become thicker and harder, causing the blood vessels to become narrower and narrower, greatly increasing the chance of suffering from cardiovascular problems.

 5. Smoking

 Smokers are more likely to suffer from heart problems than ordinary people: the reason is that nicotine or tobacco chemicals in cigarettes can accelerate pulse beats and raise blood pressure, which is harmful to the heart.

 6. Life is stressful

 Because Hong Kong people live very stressful lives, excessive stress will accelerate the pulse and blood pressure, thereby increasing the chance of cardiovascular problems.

 7. Heredity

 If a family member has related cardiovascular problems, the chance of developing cardiovascular disease is higher than the average person.


What are the unique features of Xinquanyitong® natural functional products?


 1. Natural ingredients

 All-in-One®It is refined from precious Chinese herbs such as hawthorn, salvia miltiorrhiza, notoginseng, eucommia ulmoides, ginseng and corn silk. The ingredients are natural, safe and reliable. Experiments have proven that it can effectively promote good heart health.

 2. Safe and reliable

 All-in-One®Natural functional products have been independently verified by the internationally authoritative Hong Kong General Service (SGS), and have been issued safety test reports for heavy metals and toxic elements, residual pesticides and microorganisms, ensuring safety and reliability.

 3. Refined according to Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP) standards

 All-in-One®Natural functional products are produced in factories that have obtained Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP) standard certification. The production process is strictly monitored, and each batch of products is manufactured in Hong Kong to ensure product safety and reliability.


How to prevent cardiovascular problems?

 1. Moderate exercise

Moderate exercise can relax nerves, help stabilize blood pressure, consume excess fat in the body, reduce weight, improve heart function, and help stabilize cholesterol, which is of great help in preventing cardiovascular problems.

 2. Eat a balanced diet

 We need to pay attention to a balanced diet. Eating more high-fiber foods such as vegetables, fruits, etc. can help maintain good heart health. Especially obese people must control fat absorption and eat as little fat or cholesterol as possible. Foods that are too high, such as cakes, chocolates, desserts, egg yolks, fried foods, animal offal, fast foods, pickled foods, etc.

 3. Living habits

 Pay more attention to your daily life, such as maintaining an appropriate weight, controlling your diet, and not eating too salty or greasy food; quit smoking, drinking, and exercising more to ease your stressful and busy life; prevention is based on living habits. The best solution for cardiovascular problems.

 4. Take natural functional products that strengthen cardiovascular system

 Research has proven that 1,2 natural Chinese herbal medicines that strengthen the cardiovascular system, such as hawthorn, salvia, Panax notoginseng and ginseng, can effectively expand blood vessels, promote blood flow, improve blood viscosity and promote blood circulation, etc., and are effective in strengthening and maintaining heart health. Ideal natural functional product.



Hawthorn, Salvia, Panax notoginseng, Eucommia ulmoides, ginseng and corn silk


Once a day, 2-3 capsules each time


400 mg per capsule, 72 capsules per bottle

Net weight

29 grams

total weight

177 grams


Store in a cool, dry place away from direct sunlight

Powerful - All-in-one mind

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