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For appointments and information, please call +852 3582 8525 or email to

In an emergency, call 999 for an ambulance.

All our clinics will be closed during Black Rainstorm Warning and Gale or Storm Signal No. 8 or above. The clinic will reopen within one to two hours after the typhoon or rainstorm signal is lifted (unless the signal is lifted after 2.30pm on the same day, the clinic will reopen the next business day). We will contact patients to reschedule appointments before or after resumption of consultations.


Causewaybay: 1710, Hung Lung Centre, CWB, HK

Sheung Wan: 1303, Wai Wah Commercial Centre, HK

Office: 4/F, Lee Garden Three, Causeway Bay, HK


852-3565 5706

852-3563 8440

852-3582 8525


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  • Products
    Hello, Hongji’s ointments, health teas, skin care and other products are all developed by Hongji Medical Group’s Chinese medicine team. Each ingredient pairing and proportion is formulated by a Chinese medicine doctor to maximize the efficacy. For more information about health products, please refer to the following link:
  • Shipping costs and delivery
    Orders with delivery in Hong Kong: SF Express for orders over 199; or you can choose to pick up at the Sai Ying Pun store. Sai Ying Pun store address: 1303, Wei Wah Commercial Centre, 6 Weili Ma Street, Sai Ying Pun. Ordering from Southeast Asian customers: Please log in to Lazada and search for Health Lab - HK Ordering from other regions: Due to differences in delivery requirements and cost in different regions, please contact customer service at whatsapp +852 6354 8638 before ordering.
  • 綜合體檢服務
    您好!感謝聯繫我們!集團提供包括身體體質指標、人體成份檢查、心臟檢查、骨骼檢查 、糖尿檢查、血液及貧血檢查、血脂、血糖、肝功能、甲型乙型肝炎抗原、甲狀腺、腎功能 、泌尿情況、痛風、腫瘤指標等綜合體檢服務。體檢套餐包括: 〰 ✅優越103體檢套餐 ✅全面90項健康檢查 ✅基礎78項體檢套餐 〰 歡迎隨時聯繫我們咨詢或預約!
  • 中醫專科門診
    您好,感謝您的查詢!中醫專科服務包含:內科、皮膚科、腫瘤科、心腦血管科、婦科、痛症科、胃腸肝臟科、兒科 、頭髮頭皮科、情志養生科、綜合體重管理等。 普通門診收費標準為:診金100,藥費 70/日(每日兩包,為農本方及漢方藥粉沖劑) 同時集團推出各優惠診療項目,包括:濕疹、過敏、痛症、暗瘡、婦科、養髮生髮等。具體可查詢公司網站:
  • 教授專家門診
    特需門診逢週二(中環診所)、週三(銅鑼灣診所)、週五(銅鑼灣診所)。出診專家均為臨床經驗豐富、醫術精湛的教授級醫師及知名專家,將為您提供專業細緻的診療服務。 診療範圍: 1.腫瘤專科; 2.婦產科疑難雜症; 3.骨傷科、痛症科; 3.中醫內科、皮膚科、兒科等; 4.其它疑難雜症。 時間:10:30-14:30,15:30-19:30,法定節假日停診 診金:200元、300元(腫瘤科) 藥費:100元/日、120元/日(腫瘤科)
  • 醫療外展服務
    外展醫生到診服務 【服務簡介】 自2021年起,宏濟醫療集團提供"外展醫生到診服務",向企業、安老院舍和團體提供外展醫生到診服務。 【服務理念】 3 CARE 長者:關顧身心靈健康,提供到診醫療服務及康復服務 職員 :關心職員,提供到診醫療服務和熱線支援 團體 :關注需要,提供健康資訊及相關的培訓資料 【服務對象】 企業員工、安老院舍長者和團體。 【服務內容】 針對偶發性疾病和非緊急症狀的定期外展醫生到診 一站式藥物處方及藥物配送 專業護士電話諮詢 健康講座及院舍員工培訓
  • Video consultation
    [Video consultation] includes traditional Chinese medicine video consultation + three days of medicine, the total price is HK$250. You can make an appointment by phone or whatsapp +852 63548638.
  • Store address and phone number
    Hello, Hongji Medical Center address: Causeway Bay Clinic: No. 2 Paterson Centre, Room 1710, Hang Lung Center (T/852 3998-4281) Central Clinic: Room 707, Oceanwide Building, 59 Queen's Road Central (T/852 3565-5706) Sai Ying Pun Clinic: Room 1303, Wai Wah Commercial Centre, 6 Wilmer Street (T/852 3563-8440)
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