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【Name】Gromwell root Ointment 10 grams

【Ingredients】Gromwell root, angelica, parsnip, rehmannia, angelica, frankincense, myrrh, sesame oil, yellow beeswax

[Shelf life] 18 months (12 months after opening the bottle)

[Details] Chinese medicine formula, made at low temperature according to the ancient prescription Chinese Pharmacopoeia; using pure natural plant raw materials, soaking thick comfrey with sesame oil, adding multi-flavored Chinese herbal medicines to promote wound healing and blood circulation, very suitable for frequent acne on the face Acne, acne scarred skin, long-term use, the skin will become very smooth.

For acne, temporary allergies, diaper rash, mosquito bites, burns, knife wounds, dry and itchy surgical wounds, and other problems can get a good soothing effect, it is a must-have plaster at home.

[Efficacy] Mosquito bites, allergies, acne removal, lightening acne marks, itchy skin, red chin, red buttocks, flooded neck, red thighs, swelling, itching relief, temporary allergies, diaper rash, burns, knife wounds, surgery dry itching of the wound

【Skin Type】Any skin

【Effect of each ingredient】
Myrrh: Antibacterial, Anti-Acne
Angelica: Promote blood circulation, improve blood circulation, remove free radicals, remove acne, activate skin
Scutellaria baicalensis: promote skin metabolism, resist allergy, antibacterial
Anti-wind: expelling wind and relieving external appearance, eliminating dampness and relieving pain, relieving spasm
Astragalus: detoxification, astringent sores and regeneration
Comfrey Root: It has the functions of promoting blood circulation, cooling blood, clearing heat and detoxifying, and diuretic. It is mainly used to treat excessive blood heat toxin, poor rash, cold in nature and sweet taste. It can be antibacterial, remove acne marks, remove acne and acne, promote skin regeneration, and metabolize old damaged cells.

Sesame oil: Chinese medicine believes that sesame oil can moisten dryness, replenish fluids, relieve wind, detoxify, kill insects and eliminate sores and swellings. Sesame oil is rich in vitamin E, which has the function of promoting cell division and delaying aging. The lecithin in sesame oil is also effective in emollient, freckle (mainly age spots), hair loss prevention and premature graying.

Ancient Lithospermum ointment 10g (anti-inflammatory, acne removal, soothing eczema)

HK$158.00 Regular Price
HK$65.00Sale Price
    1. Comfrey ointment is made of pure traditional Chinese medicine, with mild nature and no side effects;
    2. The ointment is easy to spill from the medicine box in case of heat. Therefore, comfrey ointment should be kept in a cool place on weekdays to avoid high temperature sun exposure. If you carry it with you, avoid the hot ointment melting and spilling;
    3. A skin sensitivity test is recommended before use. Apply the product to the elbows, inner wrists, cheeks, or a small area of the neck and leave it on for more than 2 hours. If there is no irritation, you can use it with confidence;
    4. For the sake of safety, do not use it directly on unhealed wounds, and try to use the comfrey ointment to heal and repair scars in the later stage.
    5. Since there are no chemical ingredients and preservatives added, try to keep it in the refrigerator when it is not in use. It is best to use it up within one year after opening, and please stop using it if it deteriorates!
    1. Can be applied to all skins, especially suitable for smearing on the skin with acne, acne marks and inflammation, it can prevent acne marks and acne scars and can be used in places where mosquito bites, pregnant women It can also be used by breastfeeding and children.
    2. First-degree or second-degree scald, injury: apply an appropriate amount of comfrey ointment to the scalded or injured area (preferably a healed wound), massage until absorbed;
    3. Mosquito bites: If the baby is bitten by mosquitoes, take an appropriate amount of comfrey ointment and massage until absorbed;
    4. diaper rash: apply appropriate amount of comfrey ointment evenly, massage gently for a while, three times a day;
    5. Athletes foot: Insist on soaking your feet with tea seed powder and warm water every day. The soaking time should not be less than 10 minutes. After drying, take an appropriate amount of comfrey ointment and apply it evenly.
    6. Prickly heat: rub 2-3 times a day, massage until absorbed;
    7. Skin abrasions, bruises, knife wounds: apply an appropriate amount of comfrey ointment to the affected area and rub it 2-3 times a day;
    8. Acne: It can relieve the redness and swelling of some acne, and it is better for new acne.
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