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Enjoy our **Mulberry and Haw Cake** and indulge in the delicious fusion of mulberries and hawthorn! 🎂

Our mulberry and hawthorn cake is made from the juice of fresh mulberries and hawthorns. There is no added coloring. The sweetness and rich flavor of mulberries perfectly match the rich fruity taste of hawthorn, resulting in a richer, sour and refreshing taste.
Hawthorn is rich in nutrients and contains almost all the nutrients of the fruit, especially organic acids, carotene and vitamin C, which are good for beauty, weight loss and immunity enhancement. Mulberries are also nutritious and rich in antioxidants and anthocyanins, which can improve blood supply to the skin (including the scalp). Mulberry can also improve eyesight and relieve tired and dry eyes.

Our Mulberry Haw Cake is carefully prepared to ensure the highest quality and taste. Packed in a beautifully designed gift box, the individually wrapped packets are more suitable for sharing with family and friends during the holidays.

Mulberry and hawthorn cake is made of mulberry and pure hawthorn strips, which has a richer taste, sweet and sour taste and refreshing taste.

The Christmas gift box contains individually packaged black mulberry and hawthorn sticks, which are perfect for sharing with family and friends during the holidays. They are both healthy and delicious!

Ingredients: hawthorn, mulberry, white sugar, water

Net content: 220 grams (about 30 individually packaged mulberry and hawthorn cakes)

Organic Black Mulberry Haw Cake Christmas Gift Box

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