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Hoi Tin - Xiao Feng San 100g 


Dffect:Dispel wind and heat, nourish blood and remove dampness. 


Ingredients: (Every10g Concentrated granules contain)

plaster(15grams), flaxseed (6Gram), Nepeta (6grams), windproof (6grams), burdock seeds (6Gram), cicada slough (6Gram), Atractylodes (6Gram), Sophora flavescens (6Gram), Zhimu (6Gram), Angelica sinensis (6Gram), Rehmannia glutinosa (6Gram), Kawaki Tong (3grams), raw licorice (3gram)

Method: Please refer to the instructions on the box.

Hoi Tin - Xiao Feng San

HK$210.00 Regular Price
HK$98.00Sale Price
  •  100 grams

  •  China

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