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Handmade Cold Process Soap

Handmade cold soap, natural fragrance-free, handmade, wire-cut, extra mild


product description

/ ingredients
Comfrey Soaked Extra Virgin Cold Pressed Olive Oil, Sweet Almond Oil, Palm Kernel Oil, Palm Oil, Rice Bran Oil, Shea Butter, Sodium Hydrogenide, Purified Water

/ efficacy
▲Reduce inflammation
▲Anti-inflammatory and sterilizing
▲ Fights skin problems such as eczema and measles


【About Cold Process Soap】
After cold-processed soap is made, it is stored in a humidity-controlled environment. After more than 5-7 weeks of soap drying, the alkalinity of the soap is reduced, and the soap is mild and solid before it is matured. Cold-process soap can be matched and combined according to the fatty acid properties of different oils to design soaps for different skin types or wash-feeling needs. Comfortable and unique wash feeling.

【Our handmade soap】
▲ Does not contain SLES, SLS and other surfactants, fixatives, alcohol or synthetic chemical synthetic preservatives such as Parabens and EDTA to reduce irritation and sensitization.
▲ Strictly select edible-grade vegetable oil to make soap, do not use animal oil or cooking oil to make soap.
▲ Standard operating procedures, hand-made small-scale production to control quality, and pursuit of precision and perfection in every detail.

│Suitable for use│Cleaning the body or face
│For Hair │Problem Skin, Oily or Combination Skin
│How to use│Wash with warm water to lather and cleanse face and body
│Preservation │Handmade soap has no added preservatives and antibacterial agents, dry thoroughly after each use, store at room temperature, avoid direct sunlight
│Manufacturing date│Marked on the packaging
│Shelf life│Twelve months after the date of manufacture
│Weight│50g (+/-5g, slightly different due to hand cutting)

Extra Strong Comfrey Handmade Soap

HK$108.00 Regular Price
HK$55.00Sale Price
    • All products are handmade, and each piece varies in weight, shape, and color.
    • The product does not contain essential oils/additives, and does not contain any fragrances.
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