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Seven-Whites Mask Powder (improve acne, freckle, detoxification and whitening)

Seven-Whites is a combination of Chinese herbal medicines with the word "white"; in the name of Qiwei. The earliest records can be traced back to the "Taiping Shenghui Fang" in the Song Dynasty, and the "Yu Yaoyuan Fang"; in the Yuan Dynasty also contains this recipe. For China It has been passed down for thousands of years, and the secret recipe that is not passed down in the palace.


Using seven kinds of traditional Chinese medicine (Atractylodes, Angelica, Bletilla striata, Atractylodes, Poria, Paeonia lactiflora, White Silkworm) by registered Chinese medicine practitioners to prepare and polish to make an all-natural mask.


For the removal of skin spots, remove acne skin instantly.
- Reduce freckles, pimples, yellowing skin, blackheads, scars, deep cleanse, shrink pores and whiten skin.
- Remove mites and restore healthy skin
-Natural and safe


1. Slowly add water to the mask powder, you can also add milk, honey, etc.
Stir well.
2. Apply a thin layer of the mask on the face.
3. Tear off after 15-20 minutes and wash your face with water.
4. Afterwards, apply toner, cream or other facial care product.

All natural without any additives, all ingredients come from traditional Chinese herbs and plants

Net content: 50g

Seven-Whites Mask Powder

HK$228.00 Regular Price
HK$128.00Sale Price
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