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Whitening and Vitality Tea (8 bags of mulberry, rose, lily, tuckahoe and jujube)

【Ingredients】mulberry, rose, lily, tuckahoe, jujube

 [Net content] 80 grams


 All-natural health food: no preservatives, additives, hormones, side effects and western medicine ingredients, no dependence. Natural fruit flavor, no added sugar.
Made from original grains: Caffeine-free, sulfur-free, and safe to drink.

Whitening and Vitality Tea

HK$159.00 Regular Price
HK$79.00Sale Price
  • Japanese style small can. There are 10 small independent triangular three-dimensional tea bags in the can, each bag is 8g. Fully environmentally friendly and fully degradable tea bag: [Corn fiber] triangular tea bag, made of Japanese food-grade environmentally friendly material, naturally soaked to release the original flavor.

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