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Xifuning quick-acting skin ointment is formulated from an empirical formula, using Dafengzi, alum and other medicinal materials. Alum is used externally to detoxify and kill insects, dries dampness and relieves itching. External treatment for eczema and scabies. This product is specially designed to treat scabies, stubborn ringworm, itchy skin, and damp-heat sores. Active ingredients (each 18g bottle contains active ingredients calculated based on the dosage): Borneol (synthetic borneol) Camphor (synthetic) Sulfur Menthol Licorice Sophora Sophorae Kochia Fructus White Fresh Skin Cnidogen Monnieri Dafengzi Baibu Alum [Function] Kill It detoxifies insects, clears away heat and dampness, dispels wind and relieves itching. [Indications] Scabies, stubborn ringworm, itchy skin, and damp-heat sores. Hong Kong registered proprietary Chinese medicine: HKC-12968, manufactured by Hong Kong Huichun Tang Chinese Medicine Factory.

Xifuning Quick-acting Skin Ointment 18G (Hong Kong registered proprietary Chinese medicine HKC-12968)

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