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Black food is rich in natural melanin. Studies have shown that black food can scavenge free radicals in the body, resist oxidation, regulate blood lipids, beautify and skin care, warm and tonify the five internal organs, and have special functions such as dietary therapy.

Traditional Chinese medicine believes that black rice has significant medicinal value. Black rice is commonly known as: "medicine rice" and "longevity rice". Traditional Chinese medicine believes that medicine and food come from the same origin, and medicinal supplements are not as good as food supplements. Black rice is even used by pregnant women to nourish the weak body.

Ancient medical books record that black rice has the effects of "nourishing yin and nourishing the kidneys, keeping fit and warming the stomach, improving eyesight and activating blood circulation".

Modern research shows that black rice has a strong effect of increasing human hemoglobin and hemoglobin, thus preventing and treating high blood pressure, promoting brain and bone development, and regulating weak physical strength.

The ingredients of black rice Gorgon cake are organic Gorgon and organic black rice, which are very rich in anthocyanins.

Black rice and Gorgon cake also has a nourishing effect, which can help eliminate anemia, prevent and treat dizziness, and has a good effect of replenishing qi, blood and vitality.

It not only tastes good, but is also rich in nutrients; it is a very suitable meal choice for mental workers and office workers.

Packaging specifications: 200 grams.

How to eat: You can eat it directly or heat it in a steamer (microwave oven) for three minutes. It is recommended to eat it within 1 month after opening.

Health Lab Organic Black Rice Gorgon Cake

  • Hong Kong

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