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Maogen Bamboo Cane Snow Pear Tea (moisturizes the lungs, and soothes throat)

INGREDIENTS: Bamboo cane, Chine root, Sydney, fig, water chestnut, carrot, chrysanthemum


Efficacy: quench thirst and promote body fluid, clear the heart and moisten the lungs, relieve fire, eliminate dryness, soothe the throat, and moisten the throat. It is not herbal tea but it is better than herbal tea.


Bamboo cane - a kind of sugar cane, contains a variety of vitamins, amino acids and calcium, phosphorus, iron and so on. Chinese medicine believes that it can clear away heat and purify fire, moisten dryness and detoxify.


Rhizoma Rhizoma - Sweet and cold in nature, cools blood to stop bleeding, clears heat and diuresis.

Add dried pears, water chestnuts, and figs to make a drink that clears heat, clears liver, soothes throat and quenches thirst, and tastes great both cold and hot.

How to eat: Put 1 – 2 packets of flower and fruit tea into a cup according to personal taste. Pour about 330ml of boiling water, let it stand for 5 minutes and drink it.

Storage method: Please store in a cool dry place.

This product is grown in the natural environment, sun-dried or dried without any preservatives or additives.

Reminder: Pregnant women and those with diseases should consult a doctor before use.

Maogen Bamboo Cane Snow Pear Tea

HK$159.00 Regular Price
HK$69.00Sale Price
  • Japanese-style cans. There are 10 small independent triangular three-dimensional tea bags (Japanese food-grade environmentally friendly material) in the can, each 8g. Fully environmentally friendly and fully degradable tea bags: [corn fiber] triangular tea bags, Japanese food-grade environmentally friendly materials, naturally steeped, releasing the original fragrance.

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