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[Ingredients] coconut meat powder, almonds, lotus seeds, lilies, yams, tremella, japonica rice

【Net Content】100g

Organic Fragrant Coconut Almond Powder has the effect of lowering blood pressure and can prevent heart disease; the anti-oxidation properties can enhance human immunity; the combination of almonds, coconut meat, yam, and lily can activate the skin, eliminate wrinkles, remove spots and whiten. In addition, almond coconut powder has become a popular drink for ketogenic diet and promoting fat metabolism in recent years.


You can add soy milk, fresh milk, porridge or oatmeal, etc., and eat after stirring well, or eat in your favorite way. No added sugar, creamer, artificial coloring and preservatives.

Note: Due to the high vegetable protein content of the nutritional powder, no food additives such as anti-caking agents, soybean milk powder, non-dairy creamer (creamer), hydrogenated vegetable oil, flavoring (artificial flavor) and antioxidants are added, so it will not be completely It dissolves and is easy to agglomerate. It is recommended to rinse with an appropriate amount of room temperature water before adding hot water to stir well before eating.

Organic Coconut Almond Powder (Ketogenic Diet)

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  • Hong Kong

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