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Dendrobium officinale powder is made by grinding Dendrobium officinale and dry strips into fine powder. After the cells are broken, it melts in the mouth, which is more conducive to the absorption of the human body, and greatly improves the bioavailability of Dendrobium officinale. It is a popular health care product.


Many people especially like to eat Dendrobium officinale powder, which is thick and smooth when soaked in water.


- People who often stay up late and have irregular work and rest schedules

- Manufactured with high-quality raw materials of traditional Chinese medicine, and has passed the test of heavy metals and pesticide residues, confidence guarantee

main ingredient:
Huoshan Dendrobium officinale


Take an appropriate amount of Huoshan Dendrobium officinale powder and put it in a cup, mix it with warm water (you can add an appropriate amount of honey to taste); or
Take an appropriate amount of Huoshan Dendrobium officinale powder and mix it in daily soup


40 grams net weight per bottle


Who is suitable for eating Dendrobium officinale powder?

1. High work pressure: People with high work pressure can use it as a high-end health product for nourishing yin and nourishing yang all the year round.

2. Sub-health: People in "sub-health state", who are weak in constitution, chronic patients, after long illness, surgery or postpartum weak constitution.

3. Bad lifestyle: Excessive night life, excessive smoking and drinking, resulting in dry mouth, dry tongue, mouth pain, fatigue, mental fatigue and upset people.

4. People with gastrointestinal diseases: those with gastrointestinal diseases can regulate digestive function, improve appetite, and treat diarrhea and diarrhea.

5. Women's menopause: Women's menopause and endocrine disorders lead to lack of luster, dull complexion, dark circles under the eyes, and dry skin. Tiepi Fengdou can be used as a good product for nourishing yin and nourishing yin for women.

6. Deficiency of yin: For those diagnosed with yin deficiency in traditional Chinese medicine, it can nourish yin and benefit, and has an excellent adjustment effect.


How to eat Dendrobium officinale powder:


1. Dendrobium officinale powder can be mixed with boiled water to drink directly. The method is to put about 1 gram of Dendrobium powder into a teacup each time, rinse with boiling water, stir, and then drink it (due to the nature of ingredients such as dendrobium polysaccharides, water solubility is often not That’s great, some of the polysaccharides are insoluble or the polysaccharides aggregate into agglomerates after a period of time, which does not hinder drinking).

2. Dendrobium officinale powder can also be used to make soup, that is, put the Dendrobium officinale powder into the soup at the stage of boiling the soup with a small fire, and boil for half an hour or a while.


Edible Dendrobium officinale powder can be taken directly or mixed with warm water, which is more convenient, and the absorption is not affected. You can put some red dates, wolfberry, etc. to stew together, which is better absorbed by the human body, especially for people with poor digestive system or older people.


Premium Grade Huoshan Dendrobium Officinale Powder

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