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product description:


This is the top-secret maintenance secret recipe of Empress Wu Zetian's palace. It was developed for Wu Zetian by the imperial doctor of the imperial hospital at that time.


Empress Wu Zetian of the Tang Dynasty, at the age of 80, still maintained her youthful appearance without showing signs of aging. "New Book of Tang" said that she "although the spring and autumn are high, she is good at self-painting, although she is left and right, she is not aware of its decline".


The beauty secret formula used by Wu Zetian was later included in the pharmacopoeia "Xinxiu Materia Medica" compiled by the Tang Dynasty official organization, named "Fairy Jade Girl Powder", and soon spread to the people.


Production Method:


On the fifth day of the fifth lunar month, collect motherwort whole grass, do not let it fall on the soil.


Expose to dry, grind and sieve, add appropriate amount of flour and water, mix into a ball, shape into egg size, and then dry in the sun. Then use a yellow mud stove, lay charcoal on the bottom layer, put medicine on the middle layer, cover with a layer of charcoal on the upper layer, and ignite and calcine.


Burn it for about 30 minutes, then switch to slow fire and simmer. After about a day and night, take the medicine out and see that the color is white and delicate, which is excellent.

Cool thoroughly, grind finely in a porcelain mortar, sieve and grind again, the finer the better. Reserve in a porcelain jar. Avoid getting wet.


When using, add one-tenth of talcum powder and one-hundredth of rouge, mix thoroughly, grind finely, and scrub with powder when bathing or washing face and hands.


Fang Yi explained:


Motherwort, also known as fenugreek, is a natural beauty medicine. "Ben Cao Huiyan" contains: "Motherwort, nourishes blood, promotes blood without hurting new blood, nourishes blood without stagnating blood, it is also the holy medicine of blood family. "Compendium of Materia Medica" said: "In the face medicine, it makes people shiny and treats acne."


The preparation of this recipe requires that the whole plant of Motherwort is harvested during the Dragon Boat Festival, without a little soil, otherwise it will be ineffective. Do not use too much firepower when calcining, otherwise the medicine will turn yellow and black, and it will be ineffective.


The ancients were also very particular about grinding hammers. They believed that jade hammers were the best, followed by antler hammers. It seems mysterious, but it is not unreasonable, because both jade and antlers have the effect of moisturizing the skin and removing scars. A small amount falls, and it just plays a synergistic role in the preparation of medicine.


Application effect:


Wu Zetian, the famous empress in ancient my country, not only was born beautiful, but also good at maintenance. This recipe is the secret recipe for her beauty.


The "Secrets of Waitai" called this formula "The Queen of the Great Sage of Zetian Ju Motherwort Preserving the Face", which has the effect of "governing dullness, relieving wrinkle, and making the skin shiny ("Recipe of Imperial Medicine Court").


Because Wu Zetian used this secret beauty formula for a long time, he still maintained his beautiful appearance at the age of 80. No wonder "New Book of Tang" said that she said: "Although the spring and autumn are high, she is good at self-painting, although she is not aware of its decline." This palace secret recipe began to spread to the people after Wu Zetian's death, and it is still widely used today.


Product ingredients:

Motherwort (mixed with flour and ground by fire), talc, rose rouge, pearl powder


Net content: 50g


Skin care efficacy:


even skin tone
skin rejuvenation anti-aging


Made from pure traditional Chinese medicine, no steroids/artificial flavors/colors/mineral oil/chemical preservatives/microgel beads/no animal testing

Fairy Jade Mask Powder

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