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Gold silk green sandalwood massage comb


Material: golden silk green sandalwood

Size: 10.5x5.5cm

Weight: 250g (up and down error 20g)


Strict selection of natural material round comb teeth, easy to release pressure to relax


Green sandalwood is also known as jade sandalwood, Baile holy sandalwood, and sacred guaiac wood. The wood is hard, the fragrance is eternal, the color is gorgeous, changeable and invincible. It has strong corrosion resistance, is immortal, and can ward off evil spirits. It is also named green sandalwood because of its color like jade green. It is a precious wood in the world. Green sandalwood is affected by humidity, temperature, and light and changes its wood color. It will change color after a few days of use, or it will turn green quickly after being exposed to sunlight, and finally it will show a jasper color.


Green sandalwood has its own aroma. After rubbing, the substance called wood oxygen has a very good effect of soothing the nerves and refreshing the mind, and long-term contact can also promote cell regeneration, which is good for the skin and joints. There are benefits. Green sandalwood itself is also a traditional Chinese medicine, which can be directly used as medicine. Because green sandalwood is rich in organic substances, flocculent crystals will form on the surface of the wood if it is not used for a long time, which is the unique distinguishing feature of green sandalwood.


The massage comb is a comb designed according to the position of the meridians. Massage the head, shoulders, neck, hands, legs and other places, which can bring you a comfortable massage experience all over the body.

Golden green sandalwood massage comb (ball-shaped massage teeth, enlarged and thickened)

HK$255.00 Regular Price
HK$158.00Sale Price
  • Tips: Natural log material, the wood is hard and durable, because it is made of natural green sandalwood logs, each with unique natural differences, exudes the elegant fragrance of logs, and promotes circulation through scraping, because it is made of natural logs, so the texture There will be some differences in color and size, thank you for your support.

    Due to dry weather, wooden products should not touch water and high temperature exposure to sunlight, please place in a cool and ventilated place, avoid direct sunlight for a long time, keep away from fire sources, avoid prolonged exposure to humid places, or places with large temperature differences, and do not give it to children It is prone to cracks when taking it. After use, it can be sealed in a bag or carton~

    When using the massager, it can massage the whole body. Please use it with moderate force according to your personal situation. Do not use it excessively. If you feel uncomfortable during use, please stop using it immediately.

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