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Taiwan Han-Fang Da Chai Hu Decoction 200g


Function: Reconciliation of Shaoyang Relief of heat knots.


Indications: Shaoyang Yangming syndrome, alternating cold and heat, and constant vomiting,Vomiting and unable to eat, upset.In Yangming, there is blazing heat, pain and fullness in the chest and flanks, hardness under the heart, or fullness and pain under the heart, constipation, yellow tongue coating, stringy and weak pulse..


Ingredients: (Every10.5 Concentrated granules contain) Bupleurum8g, ginger5g,skullcap3g, Citrus aurantium2g,white peony root3g 、jujube2g,Ginger Pinellia5g, rhubarb2g.


Usage:Please refer to the box for usage instructions.


Taiwan Han-Fang Da Chai Hu Decoction 200g (Expiration date May 28, 2024)

HK$460.00 Regular Price
HK$79.00Sale Price
  •  200 grams

  •  Tai Wan

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