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Taiwan Han Fang - Manna Disinfectant Pill 200g  Discount


Function: It can relieve dampness and resolve turbidity, clear away heat and detoxify.


Indications: Fever and drowsiness caused by epidemics and pathogenic factors in damp and warm weather. Chest tightness and abdominal distension,Sore throat and sore throat,Yellow eyes, cheek swellingThirsty,SmallShort and red stool,Vomiting and diarrhea, turbidity,Constipation or diarrhea,There is hot odor, etc.


Ingredients:  (Every6g Concentrated granules)   

talc6g, yinchen4.4g, Forsythia1.6g, white cardamom1.6g, Mutong2g, Fritillary fritillary2g, skullcap4g, Huoxiang1.6g, Acorus2.4g,Mint1.6g, Shegan1.6g  . 


How to take:Please follow the instructions on the box.



Taiwan Han Fang - Manna Disinfectant Pill (valid until 2024/05/27)

HK$198.00 Regular Price
HK$65.00Sale Price
  •  200 grams

  •  Tai Wan

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