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Taiwan Han Cube Liver Cleansing Powder to Improve Eyesight   


effect: Dispelling wind, clearing away heat, reducing swelling and detoxifying, nourishing blood and improving eyesight.



Angelica sinensis, mint, forsythia, coptis, gardenia, licorice, astragalus, cassia, skullcap, chrysanthemum, rehmannia root, platycodon, red peony root, nepeta, vitex, chuanxiong, tribulus, gypsum, parsnip.


How to take:Please refer to the instructions on the box.


Taiwanese Chinese medicine - Liver Cleansing and Eye-Brightening Powder

HK$335.00 Regular Price
HK$219.00Sale Price
  • 200 grams

  •  Tai Wan

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