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Taiwan Han Fang - You Gui Wan 200g


Efficacy: nourishing kidney yang, Replenish essence and blood.


Indications:Insufficient kidney yang,LifeMarrow deficiency and fear of cold caused by weak gate fire,Weakness in waist and knees,anemiawait.


 Ingredients:(Every12g Concentrated granules)

Rehmannia glutinosa5.6g ,Antler glue0.2g ,Wolfberry2.8g ,Cuscuta2.8g ,yam2.8g ,Eucommia ulmoides2.8g, dogwood2.8g ,Cinnamon1.4g, Angelica 0.2g, CannonAttachment1.4g  . 


How to take: Please refer to the box for usage instructions.

Taiwan Han Fang - You Gui Wan

  •  200 grams

  •  Tai Wan

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