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Modern pharmacological studies have shown that He Shou Wu has anti-inflammation, lowering blood fat, lowering blood sugar, protecting the liver, enhancing immunity, improving memory, protecting nerve cells, anti-oxidation, and anti-aging.

How to eat: The ingredients are baked at low temperature and cooked with 1-2 tablespoons of hot water. It can also be cooked with milk, soy milk, wheat skin or porridge.

He Shou Wu is a kind of Polygonaceae plant. It is a perennial herb. Its common medicinal parts are its tuberous roots (dark brown in color). As a well-known Chinese herbal medicine, it was first recorded in "Kaibao Materia Medica" published in the Song Dynasty. It is also widely used in North America at present, named Fo-ti.

He Shou Wu, which is currently used in traditional Chinese medicine, is used to nourish liver and kidney, replenish essence, enrich blood, black hair, strengthen bones, remove dampness, and lower blood fat.
Net content: 100 grams

In addition, this product is a pure natural crop. Although it has been screened for quality during packaging, it cannot completely avoid the natural changes of the product during storage. Please pay attention before eating.


Storage method Avoid placing in high temperature and humid places. After opening the bag, please consume it as soon as possible.

*This product does not add any artificial additives, and it is a natural phenomenon that there will be sediment after being left for a long time.

100% Pure Polygonum Multiflorum Powder

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