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Health Lab Cracked Lingzhi Spore 60 capsules


Made from top-quality red Ganoderma lucidum with broken walls

Improve the body's immune function and strengthen the body's resistance to harmful factors
Protect liver, detoxify, promote metabolism and blood circulation
Regular use can improve digestive and respiratory system functions, strengthen and stabilize the body system, eliminate fatigue, promote sleep quality, fight allergies, and relieve mental stress.
On the whole, it plays the role of disease prevention, health care, beauty and anti-aging.


Combining the two ingredients of broken spore powder and concentrated Ganoderma lucidum, it has a more effective immune regulation function and has a stronger and more comprehensive effect.
First-class premium Ganoderma lucidum from GAP (Good Farming Practices) base
Use non-interfering normal temperature physical wall breaking technology to retain active ingredients
Made in Hong Kong, your choice with confidence

Health Lab's Heart-protecting Ganoderma "Broken Wall" Spore Formula 60 Tablets

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