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Haitian-Erchen Soup 100g  Discount


effect:Dry dampness and resolve phlegm, regulate qi and harmonize the mind.   


Indications: Phlegm-dampness syndrome.

Symptoms: Colorful white phlegm that is easy to cough up, chest and diaphragm tightness, nausea and vomiting, drowsiness in the limbs, or dizziness and palpitations.The tongue coating is white and moist, and the pulse is slippery.


Ingredients: (every 5Concentrated granules  

French Pinellia (15grams), tangerine peel (15Gram), Poria (9grams), ginger (9grams), Zhigancao (4.5grams), black plum (3gram)


How to take: PleaseFollow the instructions of a registered Chinese medicine practitioner or refer to the instructions on the box.



Modern application referenceThis prescription is expectorant, antitussive, antiemetic, inhibits gastric juice secretion, reduces gastric juice acidity, and strengthens the stomach. It is used for dizziness, vomiting, pregnancy obstruction, gastroptosis, drunkenness, food injuries, qi depression, habitual headaches, cerebral hemorrhage, neurological diseases, etc.


Haitian-Erchen Soup 100g

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  •  100 grams

  •  China

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