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Haitian-Siwu Soup Discount


effect:supplementQi and blood  


Indications:Yingxue deficiency syndrome.  

Symptoms:palpitations, insomnia, dizziness, dull complexion, irregular menstruation., small amount or amenorrhea, umbilical and abdominal pain,Pale tongue, thready or stringy pulseThin and astringent.   


Ingredients: (Every6g Concentrated granules)

Rehmannia glutinosa (12Gram), Angelica sinensis (9grams), white peony root (9Gram), Ligusticum chuanxiong (6gram)


takeMethod: PleaseFollow the instructions of a registered Chinese medicine practitioner or refer to the instructions on the box.


Modern application referenceThis prescription nourishes blood and regulates blood circulation. Used for anemia, irregular menstruation, amenorrhea, dysmenorrhea, urticaria, chronic skin diseases, bruises, neurological headaches, vaginal discharge, infertility, menopausal disorders, hypertension, cerebral hemorrhage, autonomic nervous system disorders, prenatal and postpartum diseases, Athlete's foot.


Haitian-Siwu Soup 100g

  •  100 grams

  •  China

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