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Haitian-Zhibai Dihuang Pills 100g  Discount


effect:Nourishes yin and reduces fire.


Indications:Yin deficiency and fire exuberance syndrome.

Symptoms:Syndrome of bone steaming, fatigue and heat, fatigue and night sweats, pain in the waist and spine, and spermatorrhea.


Ingredients: (Every10g Concentrated granulesContains)

Rehmannia glutinosa (twenty fourGram), Dogwood (12grams), yam (12Gram), Alisma (9grams), peony bark (9Gram), Poria (9Gram), Zhimu (9Gram), Phellodendron (9gram)



takeMethod: PleaseFollow the instructions of a registered Chinese medicine practitioner or refer to the instructions on the box.


Modern application referenceChronic nephritis, diabetes, tuberculosis, hypertension, spermatorrhea, chronic urethritis, cystitis, prostatitis, night sweats, tinnitus, etc., those with Yin deficiency and fire excess syndrome


Haitian-Zhibai Dihuang Pills 100g

  •  100 grams

  •  China

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