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Made of iron stick Huaishan in Jiaozuo, Henan Province, smoked without sulfur, fine powder, rich in nutrition, can help invigorate the kidney and Qi, invigorate the spleen and stomach, nourish yin and moisten the lungs, and help improve the skin's moisturizing ability. Helps gastrointestinal motility and prevents constipation.


Net content: 100 grams


Yam has a wide range of functions and high nutritional value. In addition to invigorating the spleen and appetizing, it can also treat chronic diarrhea, chronic dysentery, dryness of lung qi, weakness of lower limbs, thirst and frequent urination.


Yam contains water-insoluble and water-soluble fibers, which can promote intestinal peristalsis and defecation, and prevent the accumulation of toxins or stool.


In addition, the mucus of yam contains mucus protein, which is a mixture of polysaccharide and protein, which can help digestion, prevent fat deposition on the cardiovascular system, and maintain blood vessel elasticity.


Pour about 3 teaspoons (25g) of 100% pure yam powder into warm water, stir and drink. Or add fresh milk, nuts, and dried fruits to eat together.

This product itself is not completely soluble in water. If the water temperature or water volume changes, the solubility may be different. Please pay attention before consumption.


In addition, this product is a pure natural crop. Although it has been screened for quality during packaging, it cannot completely avoid the natural changes of the product during storage. Please pay attention before eating.


Storage method    Avoid placing in high temperature and humid places. After opening the bag, please consume it as soon as possible.

*This product does not add any artificial additives, and it is a natural phenomenon that there will be sediment after being left for a long time.

Organic Iron stick yam powder

HK$128.00 Regular Price
HK$58.00Sale Price
  • Hong Kong

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