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Southern jujube walnut cake|no additives, pure jujube paste

The pure jujube paste is hand-cooked for two hours on low heat, paired with high-quality American walnuts, and after low-temperature baking, the two are combined to produce a rich, soft and non-sticky taste. It is deeply loved by the elders and children. dessert.


※ Product Name: South Jujube Walnut Cake
※ Ingredients: maltose, walnuts, southern jujube stuffing
※ Weight: 170g plus or minus 3%
※ Expiration date: marked on the outer box packaging
※ Storage period: Store in a cool place, out of direct sunlight
※ Allergens: This product contains dairy products, please pay attention to those who are allergic

Southern jujube walnut cake

  • Hong Kong

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