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Organic Mung Bean Lotus Seed Instant Powder

Ingredients: mung bean, lotus seeds, kudzu root, poria cocos, red dates, wolfberry, sesame


Mung bean lotus seed soup also has many pharmacological effects, such as lowering blood fat, lowering cholesterol, reducing edema, protecting liver and kidney; barley has the effect of whitening and losing weight, and also has the effect of reducing swelling and diuresis; The effect of purging, solidifying essence and tranquilizing the nerves.  


Pairing it with red dates and wolfberry, which are warm and sweet, can neutralize the natural nature and help improve insomnia, while kudzu root and poria cocos have the effect of invigorating the spleen and dampness.


Net content: 100 grams


How to eat: Take 10-20 grams of instant mung bean kudzu root and lotus seed powder and pour it into a bowl, mix it with an appropriate amount of hot milk, honey and other beverages according to personal preference, mix evenly and then eat.

Organic Mung Bean Lotus Seed Instant Powder

HK$119.00 Regular Price
HK$58.00Sale Price
  • Hong Kong

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