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Languo - Cordyceps mycelium (72 capsules)


Cordyceps sinensis - China's three most valuable and rare nourishing treasures

Precious and rare nourishing product, replenishing and strengthening the body, glowing with incomparable vitality


According to ancient medical records, Cordyceps sinensis is listed as the three most valuable and rare nourishing traditional Chinese medicines in China, and is also one of the three major tonics in China. Numerous studies, scientific experiments and books have proven that Cordyceps sinensis has high medicinal value and remarkable curative effects, making it an ideal health and nourishing treasure.


The precious ingredients of Languo® Cordyceps mycelium contain a variety of precious ingredients that are extremely important to the body, including cordycepin, cordycepic acid, cordyceps polysaccharide, adenosine, protein, amino acids and a variety of vitamins, which can help enhance the body’s overall resistance after consumption. .


It is refined according to Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP) standards. It is safe and reliable in a factory certified by Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP) standards. The production process is strictly monitored. Each batch of products is manufactured in Hong Kong and has been certified by the internationally authoritative Hong Kong General Notarization We performed independent verification by SGS and obtained qualification reports on heavy metals and toxic elements, residual pesticides and microbial safety testing to ensure the safety and reliability of our products.


The efficacy of Languo® Cordyceps mycelium

1. Nourish lungs and kidneys

2. Enhance body immunity and reduce the chance of illness

3. Replenish lean marrow and enhance physical strength and endurance.

4. Improve respiratory system and lung health

5. Strengthen your physique, enhance your resistance, and strengthen and improve your cardiopulmonary function.


Who needs to take Languo® Cordyceps Mycelium?

Cordyceps mycelium is neither cold nor dry and is suitable for health care, especially for the following people:

Those concerned about respiratory health:

Cordyceps mycelium has the functions of nourishing the lungs and kidneys, relieving asthma and cough, and dispersing phlegm. Long-term use can relieve respiratory allergy symptoms.

Overworked people:

Cordyceps mycelium contains amino acids and trace elements, which can relieve fatigue after work and improve human metabolism and physical fitness, allowing overworked people to quickly recover their physical strength and maintain their best condition at all times.

For those concerned about heart health:

Cordyceps mycelium can resist cellular hypoxia, strengthen and improve cardiopulmonary function, and is suitable for people who lack exercise, have an unbalanced diet, and are under high work pressure. Pay attention to those who stay fit and healthy:

The various trace elements contained in Cordyceps mycelium can help improve human metabolism and maintain overall good health.


Ingredients: 100% pure Cordyceps mycelium CS-4



Swallowing: Swallow with warm water, once a day, two to three tablets each time

Soup: Open the capsule, mix the powder with soup or drink, once a day, two to three capsules each time



350 mg per capsule, 72 capsules per box


Net weight: 25g

Total weight: 146 grams


Storage: Store in a cool and dry place, avoid direct sunlight

Lan Kingdom - Cordyceps Mycelium

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