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Nong's -Lily Gujin Decoction

Helps nourish yin, clear away heat, moisten the lungs and resolve phlegm

Ready to drink, convenient and reliable

Fritillaria fritillary, platycodon, fried white peony root, cooked rehmannia glutinosa, scrophulariaceae, licorice, raw rehmannia glutinosa, angelica, lily, Ophiopogon japonicus

Recommended usage: 2 times a day, 5 grams each time
Net weight: 200g
Total weight: 260 grams

Recommended dosage: For adults 12 years old or younger, the dosage should be halved. Adults should take it orally twice a day, 5 grams each time. After stirring with hot water, you can take it.

Nong's -Lily Gujin Decoction

HK$858.00 Regular Price
HK$549.00Sale Price
  •  200 grams

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