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Black food is rich in natural melanin. Studies have shown that black food can scavenge free radicals in the body, resist oxidation, regulate blood lipids, beautify and skin care, warm and tonify the five internal organs, and have special functions such as dietary therapy.

The ingredients of Nut Sesame Black Rice Cake are black sesame, black rice, peanuts, black beans, purple sweet potato and chia seeds. They are very rich in unsaturated fatty acids. Taking them into the body can lower blood pressure and blood lipids, and can also improve insulin secretion levels. Suitable for patients with hyperglycemia.

From the perspective of traditional Chinese medicine, black food also has the effect of black hair and hair growth. In addition, pumpkin seeds can eliminate edema, and peanuts can promote intestinal peristalsis.

In addition, black food contains more minerals, fiber, protein, unsaturated fatty acids, lysine, and a variety of vitamins, especially the trace element iron, than other foods.

Nuts, sesame and black rice cakes can nourish the kidneys, nourish the heart, replenish qi, effectively improve the body's immunity, lower blood sugar and blood lipids, regulate secretion levels, promote hair growth, and at the same time delay aging. They have many benefits to the human body. .

It not only tastes good, but is also rich in nutrients; it is a snack that is very suitable for mental workers and office workers.

Packaging specifications: 170 grams.

How to eat: Eat directly. It is recommended to eat within 1 month after opening.

Organic Nut Sesame Black Rice Cake

  • 170 grams

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