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Oncozac 300 capsules


New generation Yunzhi, new technology leads breakthroughs
Adjuvant therapy for patients with chronic diseases, natural and safe

- A result of joint research and development with the Chinese University of Hong Kong
- Contains "Absorbable Peptidoglucan (APG)", which helps it be quickly absorbed by the body and strengthens the body's immune function.
- ONCO-Z®, the only ingredient in ONCO-Z® Yunzhi Capsules, is the world’s first traditional Chinese medicine ingredient certified by the authoritative United States Pharmacopoeia (USP)*
- Helps reduce side effects of treatment for chronic diseases
- Suitable for people with chronic illnesses who require long-term care after illness



100% Yunzhi


Twice a day, five capsules each time


100 capsules per box, 340 mg each

Net weight

34 grams

total weight

96 grams


Store in a cool, dry place away from direct sunlight

Oncozac 100 capsules

HK$1,450.00 Regular Price
HK$1,399.00Sale Price
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