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Chestnuts are sweet and warm in nature and have the functions of nourishing the stomach, strengthening the spleen, nourishing the kidney, strengthening the waist, strengthening the tendons, promoting blood circulation, stopping bleeding and reducing swelling. Millet contains a variety of vitamins, amino acids, fats, cellulose and carbohydrates, and its nutritional value is very high. Ordinary grains do not contain carotene, but millet also has it. In particular, its vitamin B1 content ranks first among all grains, and its iron content is very high. It is high in phosphorus and rich in phosphorus, which is the reason for nourishing blood and strengthening the brain.


The combination of the two has high nutritional value and has a good health-preserving and therapeutic effect, which can nourish the kidney and blood, and strengthen the stomach and spleen.


Net content: 160 grams

Organic Millet and Chestnut Cookie

  • Hong Kong

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