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Pine pollen is a pollen species that is used both as medicine and food in the treasure house of Chinese medicine. As a traditional Chinese medicinal material, its history of medicine and food has been used for more than thousands of years. From the "Shen Nong's Materia Medica" 2,400 years ago to today's "Chinese Pharmacopoeia" and other It is recorded in medical classics, and among the people it is even regarded as a "miracle medicine" for its miraculous effects.

Pine pollen is the sperm cells of pine tree stamens, responsible for the reproduction of pine trees. It contains more than 200 kinds of nutrients, and the combination is reasonable, which can comprehensively supplement and balance the nutrients needed by the human body. It has great health-care effects and a wide range of conditioning. It is a veritable "health guardian". Therefore, users of different ages and physiques can receive good results to varying degrees in a short period of time. ​

Pine pollen tastes better than any other plant pollen, and it has a light fragrance when taken. The ancients said: "The air of pines and cypresses can make people live longer!" Therefore, pine pollen can be called the "King of Pollen". Scientific research and practice have proven that long-term use has no toxic or side effects. ​

We select pollen from Chinese native tree species - Masson pine and Chinese pine that grow in mountainous areas with an altitude of 1100-1500 meters. Compared with bee pollen, pine pollen is collected manually and has a single flower source, pure quality, stable ingredients and no pesticides. Residues, no animal hormones and other characteristics. And the wall-breaking treatment is more conducive to human body absorption.

Organic Pine Pollen Powder

  • Hong Kong

  • 40 grams

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