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Drink to look good

Quickly brews in 1 minute and can be consumed in any season.
No need to wait to warm your soul, especially recommended to you who are busy. *Nourish your skin and improve your complexion by drinking it.
Savor the clever combination of organic rice and soy milk. *Entire aroma and silky, non-sweet taste.
Decaf option.
Take a sip and take care of your body and mind.
It is a drink loved by both adults and children.

Ingredients: Organic soybeans, organic rice, maltrose
※This product contains soybeans; those who are allergic to soybeans, please consume with caution.
※The factory that produces this food also processes milk, sesame seeds, nuts and gluten-containing grains.

Content: 100g

brewing method:
1. Pour 10~15 grams of Yuanqi Rice Soy Milk Powder into a cup
2. Pour 100cc warm water and stir
3. Add 60-80cc of hot water and stir briefly.
Tip: Use a pair of chopsticks to stir to make it easier to dissolve.

※ This product does not contain any defoaming agent or anti-caking agent. It is prone to caking. Since it is cooked powder, it does not affect the quality and flavor. Please feel free to eat it!

Organic Rice Soy Milk Powder

  • Hong Kong

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