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Sesame is a common ingredient, but it contains many precious ingredients that we are not usually aware of. The most distinctive one is "sesamein". "Sesamin" can exert an extremely powerful antioxidant effect, can help us reduce bad cholesterol in the blood, has anti-inflammatory effects, and remove free radicals produced by the liver.

Our black sesame and black wolfberry cakes are free of preservatives, colorings and flavors.

The low-temperature baking process retains the complete nutrition of black sesame and wolfberry. It is not sticky, not sweet and greasy, and provides nutritional supplements at any time!


Main ingredients: black sesame, black wolfberry, black beans, black rice, black fungus, black dates


Net Wt: 200 grams (four individually packed cake in one box)

Organic Black Sesame and Wolfberry Cake (4 individually packed cake in one gift box)

  • Hong Kong

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