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  • Cordyceps sinensis was officially included in the books as a medicine. It started from the Materia Medica published in the Qing Dynasty. It pointed out that the functions of Cordyceps sinensis are to "protect the lungs with sweetness, benefit the kidneys and stop bleeding, resolve phlegm, and treat fatigue and coughs." Later, Cordyceps sinensis, ginseng and deer antler were regarded as the three most valuable nourishing medicinal materials and enjoyed a great reputation.

    Cordyceps mycelium is cultivated and extracted from Cordyceps sinensis. A study by the Chinese University of Hong Kong confirmed that the main nutrient "adenosine" is seven times higher than that of wild Cordyceps sinensis, and its health care effect is 45% higher; 70% of test subjects reported significant improvement in their sleep quality and mental state after taking it for about a month.

    Hongji Cordyceps Powder is 100% pure Cordyceps mycelium powder. It is rich in cordycepic acid, cordyceps polysaccharide, HEAA, adenosine, free amino acids, etc. It helps:

    Strengthen lung function and improve respiratory health
    Improve liver and kidney function
    Improve back pain, kidney deficiency and physical weakness
    Enhance body immunity and resistance
    Anti-fatigue, improve insomnia
    Antioxidant, delaying aging
    Very suitable for the following people:
    Cough with phlegm
    Back pain and low energy
    Weakness of energy, cold hands and feet
    respiratory allergies
    Too much alcohol and tobacco
    Too much brain use and high work pressure
    Physical weakness after illness

    Ingredients: 100% Cordyceps mycelium powder

    Usage: It is recommended to take it with warm water, 2 times a day, 1 spoon each time, 300 mg each time
    Each bottle lasts about 2 months

    Nutrition: Cordyceps adenosine, free amino acids, mineral content (such as calcium, potassium, zinc), etc.

    Net weight: 40g/bottle

    Storage: Store in a cool, dry place away from direct sunlight. The shelf life is two years.

    Note: Pregnant women and children must follow medical advice before taking this product. People with colds and fever should not take it.

Premium Extra Pure Cordyceps Mycelium Powder

  • Hong Kong

  • 40 grams

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