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100% pure old ginger powder, made by grinding old ginger for more than four years.


【Steps to make a drink】

1. Take 1-2 teaspoons of old ginger powder, add 300ml-500ml of hot water at about 90 ℃ to brew

2. Just wait for 5-10 minutes, and brew repeatedly 2-3 times.

3. You can add honey or brown sugar according to your preference.


【Food Supplements and Benefits】


Ginger tastes sweet and pungent, and contains protein, sugar, crude fiber, vitamins and other nutrients, especially gingerol and shogaol. It can promote blood circulation, dispel wind and cold, warm lung and relieve cough, Increase body temperature, change cold hands and feet, enhance immunity, and help burn fat.



【Kind tips】

We advocate natural and sulfur-free ingredients. It is recommended to store this product in a cool and dry place. Please eat it as soon as possible after opening the bag.

Pure Old Ginger Powder

HK$188.00 Regular Price
HK$58.00Sale Price
  • Hong Kong

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