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Raw materials: southern almonds, poria cocos, lilies, lotus seeds, lotus root powder, yam, white fungus

Formulated with seven natural ingredients.

Contains unsaturated fatty acids, a large number of nutrients and trace elements

Eliminates phlegm, relieves cough, relieves asthma, moisturizes intestines, clears heat and detoxifies, nourishes the skin, moisturizes the skin, eliminates spots and anti-wrinkles

It has a good preventive effect on facial acne, pigmentation, rough skin and facial wrinkles. Regular use can effectively delay skin aging and make your skin shiny, clean, bright and elastic.

Net content: 90 grams

Qizi Almond Ball (nourishing lungs, whitening, anti-aging)

HK$98.00 Regular Price
HK$43.00Sale Price
  • Hong Kong

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