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[Sishen powder] is a Chinese herbal health-preserving ingredient, Poria cocos, Chinese yam, Gorgon seed, and lotus seeds.

Traditional Chinese Medicine "Spleen and Stomach Theory" says: "All diseases are caused by the failure of the spleen and stomach." For those with weak intestines, such as the elderly, children, puerpera, postoperative recuperation or post-ill recovery period, poor appetite, nutrient absorption indigestion, and diarrhea and other symptoms, Sishen is the best meal post, which not only nourishes and strengthens but also supplements nutrition. It is rich in starch and can replace the intake of staple food.

Sishen powder is a strong formula for strengthening the spleen and stomach, strengthening the spleen and stomach, nourishing the kidney, removing dampness and clearing heat, and enhancing vitality. Regular drinking can nourish and strengthen the body, help digestion, promote metabolism, beautify the skin, and prolong life. It is the best nutritional supplement for health.

Name: Sishen Powder

Raw materials: Iron stick yam, Gorgon fruit, lotus seeds, Poria cocos (25 grams each)

Net Weight: 100+/-5 grams

How to eat:

1. Brew 2~3 teaspoons of this product with 250cc of boiling water, mix it and drink it. According to personal preference, adjust the concentration accordingly.

2. It can be added to milk powder, fresh milk, soy milk, almonds, and milk tea for better flavor.

preservation method:

1. Please avoid high temperature and sunlight, and store in a cool and dry place.

2. After opening, please consume as soon as possible within 60 days.

3. The best storage method is to refrigerate.

Sishen Powder

HK$128.00 Regular Price
HK$48.00Sale Price
  • Hong Kong

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