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Little About HealthLab

Health Lab -- a health brand from Hongji Medical Group

In this bustling city, we work and live at a rapid pace every day, Hongji combine traditional conditioning experience with modern health care concepts. Whether it is modern Japanese canned tea, traditional Chinese medicine tea soup, Chinese medicine soap, ointment and health care products, our formulas are customized by registered Chinese medicine practitioners, and the efficacy research and development are all aimed at urban people. Common diseases such as: excessive stress, easy fatigue, weakened immunity, dry eyes and diabetes.


Healthy Lifestyle

A good product requires meticulousness. We choose goods. Purchasing・Equipment・Never fake your hand. From the color, smell, skin and flesh observation, and hand feel, the real material is strictly selected. The hand bag is the most reliable. Tea bags, medicated soaps, and ointments are all derived from high-quality raw materials and more abundant than those in the market.Simple and convenient healthy lifestyle.

Traditional herbal skincare

Japanese-style teabags

​Chinese herbal soap